Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, um, I think I may be pregnant...

I know, right?! This is my first post in months, and I drop the baby bombshell? However, I'm not really sure if I am KTFU or not. It's waaaay to early in the game to know. Let me start from the beginning...

C is now 13 months old. We had always talked about having kids two years apart, so the time to start trying is now. I looked at my chart the other night and realized I should be ovulating any day--so we went for it. There were a lot of tears (more on that later) and questions about if this is right for us now, but in the end we said it was. And we DTD. I was having ovulation pain that whole day, so I'm pretty sure the timing was right. The pain was still there the next day, so we DTD again. (The timing on this started with ovulation day--Nov. 14th.) Here I am two days after our last TTC session, and I'm still in pain. I never cramp this much--expect for when I knocked up the first time. Now, I know it's still too early to tell, but I just have this feeling. If I'm not pregnant, then I need to see a doctor because of the pain.

So, now I begin the two week wait. We shall see....



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