Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to make a momma mad

I'm sure we all have one--an extended family member that plays favorites, and you aren't the one on the awesome end. It pisses you off. You then ignore it. But then something happens, and it pisses you off again. Well, today, my aunt pissed me off for the last time.

I should start with some back stories. My aunt (who's rich) completely plays favorites to my twin cousins, who are only two years younger than me. They go on vacation with her every year (she has a condo in Florida and they get to use it. My family? Not so much.), she's bought them Coach purses, and she's always doing things or getting things for them. Oh yeah, she even got them a car! I've just gotten bath towels for my wedding and she split my $70 pack n play with another aunt for my baby shower. Really, rich aunt?? So, yes, she totally plays favorites, and I'm sick of it.

Back in December, my aunts and cousins came over to my house to make Christmas cookies. Baby girl was just six weeks old, so I was completely exhausted. We also had a health scare with her just a couple days before: we took her to the ER for a head injury resulting from her being vacuumed at delivery...six weeks later! (More on that later, but let's just say I thought she was dying.) So needless to say, I was mentally and physically exhausted. They were supposed to arrive at 9, so I got up at 7. What time did they show up? 11!! Did they give me a courtesy call to say they'd arrive later? Of course not. They didn't even apologize! So I was pretty pissed. I'm a new mom, and sleep is very precious. I could have had two more hours of precious, precious sleep! I kept my cool for the most part until they did something that really ticked me off, and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I kind of lost it. Like, I went bat shit crazy on their asses. I started crying, yelling, slamming doors....yeah, crazy. But remember I just had baby girl SIX weeks ago! Hormones were still raging. And I was sleep deprived.

So fast forward to yesterday. We went to a family function, and my aunt was there. She asked what was new with baby girl, and Mr. McG said that she's learned to scream. Rich aunt replied, "She takes after her mommy!" Hubby tried to ignore the rude remark by saying, "Yeah, she'll be a soprano like her mommy. Her screams get really high!" Aunt responds with, "Just like her mommy!" I. Was. Pissed! I rolled my eyes and walked away. Hubby left too. She also made a similar comment on Christmas Eve.

So I'm done trying to please this woman. I didn't do anything to her at all before my meltdown in December, and yet I was never on her good side. Whatever. My cousins can have her. She's the one that's bat shit crazy. As my mom (her sister) said after I told her what happened: "she's off her meds!"

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