Thursday, May 13, 2010

First day of cloth diapering

I should start out by saying I've been using disposables for the past 6.5 months. Cloth diapering intimidated me, and quite frankly, kinda grossed me out! However, I'm tired of paying a crazy amount on disposable diapers that a) don't work, b) cause rashes, and c) hurt the environment. So, I started looking in to cloth diapers. (I actually wanted to do this before C was born, but my family (who cloth diapered in the middle ages) advised against it. My aunt's reaction? "Pfft. Have fun with that. You won't last very long!" So, yeah.) I hope I find a great solution for my baby girl!

Today was our first day of cloth diapering, and it wasn't a failure! Well, we had to change C's outift twice, but that was due to user errors. Daddy had diaper duty first since I was at work, so first up was Rump-a-rooz. Apparently, the urine just soaked through this diaper. But, hubby didn't set it up right! He didn't use the 6-r soaker--he used an insert for another diaper. So, I will refrain from really reviewing this system until I can do it the right way!

Next up was Happy Heinys. I wasn't too impressed with this one, unfortunately. I really wanted to be, too. Hubby changed C into this diaper right before nap time, and when she got up 1.5 hours later, her outfit was soaked. The pee came right out of the legs. Again, I'm not sure hubby had the fit down, so we tried again later in the day. We had better luck the second time, but it was really bulky on C, and we had to make it kind of tight so it wouldn't leak. I don't think she really liked it. I should add that we used the one size diaper with the velcro--I think the snaps would have fitted her better. But I don't have one to test, so for now Happy Heinys are at the bottom of the stash.

The diaper of the day was FuzziBunz. The fit was a bit trimmer, C seemed really comfortable in them, and it contained the poop and pee wonderfully! I can't wait to use these again!

Well, that's all for now. I just have these three brands, but I want to try more. I am interested in looking into Smarti Pants, bumGenius, and Flip. I better start entering some giveaways to see if I can win some!

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At May 19, 2010 at 11:10 AM , Blogger jill said...

oh i love those comments from family members! i got them too about wanting to give birth naturally. and im proud of you for switching to cloth. corbin is nine months old now and i wish i would have started out with cloth diapers. next time...

At May 19, 2010 at 5:43 PM , Blogger litanyofbritt said...

i cloth diapered for a period of time. my favorite was the motherease fitted one size diaper with snaps, (they had seperate inserts you could snap in for extra protection), and the airflow covers didn't feel plasticy.

I had 6 homemade all in ones i got on ebay that were cute, but fell apart after a couple of months, the velcro always irritated his belly and poked, and he grew out of them.

the long rectangle ones were good for back-up but the snappys always broke and i have to order those online.

just sayinv :)


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