Monday, June 14, 2010

Time for Change

Well, an RN from my doctor's office called and said I have a vitamin D deficiency. I now how to take big pills and get outside more, so hopefully this will help my "depression" or whatever it is. You are probably thinking, "but it's summer! Why are you not outside all the time??!" I'm very fair skinned, so I burn very fast. I even burn while sitting in my car! I just walk to my mailbox and I can feel my freckles popping out. So, I stay in the shade with baby girl. I've had so many sunburns in my life, and I'm very paranoid about skin cancer.

Also? It's been crazy hot here. Like, it's not even fun being outside with this crazy heat. And it's been stormy. I totally plan getting on our butts to the pool at least once a week, so hopefully the weather starts cooperating!

As for the title of this post, I think I am going to change this blog a bit. I don't like the direction it is going. I've been reading a lot of mom blogs lately, and frankly, I don't really understand the point. Mom blogs seem like a popularity contest, and for what? Reading a story about little Timmy using the big boy toilet? Why do I care about that? I have my own life, and I need to concentrate on my family. I don't need to get lost in other's dramas and personal affairs. (Ok, I'm going to stop here and say I'm not putting anyone down for reading mom blogs or writing them. I totally and completely understand if you are addicted to them! As for me and my life right now (which is totally filled with unnecessary drama), the best thing is for me to back off.)

So, what is this blog going to be about now? Well, it'll be about my new adventures in cloth diapering. Cloth diapering for dummies, if you will. Also, I love crafts. I feel like Martha Stewart when I accomplish something, so I'll post my work and how-to's so others can feel like Martha as well (it really is a great feeling!).

Other than that, it will kind of be an advice/helpful blog. There's no need to know exactly what we did over the weekend--I have my boring family blog for that! So there you have it. I hope all five of my readers don't mind!

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At June 14, 2010 at 1:32 PM , Blogger Jenn and Gwen said...

hi there... I am starting a cloth diaper business so if you have any questions - let me know!!


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