Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"I feel like we are being punished for having a baby..."

Happy hour at our favorite restaurant (we'll call it Rock Bottom) is awesome. But after tonight, we probably won't be going back for awhile.

Back story: Before C was born, we went to happy hour at least once a week. The waitress always knew what we wanted--a Mt. Dew for me and a beer of the day for the hubs--and the food was great. As the end of my pregnancy was drawing near, one of my main concerns? What will we do about happy hour?! So, I asked our waitress what the policy for babies in the bar area was (because happy hour is only in the bar) and she said no babies allowed. Ahhh! Such horrible news! However, 18 year olds were allowed in the bar with parents. Hmm, let's think about this. Babies, who have no concept of what the heck is going on, aren't allowed. But 18 year olds, who are probably itching for their first taste of precious alcohol, can sit in the bar? Yeah, makes sense to me. (Our state is so backwards sometimes.)

So, tonight we decided to take C to dinner with us, and we obviously had to sit in the main restaurant area. Since we were there during happy hour (3:30 actually...yeah, we are losers), I asked our waiter if we could get the happy hour prices since we, you know, can't take the baby into the bar. The answer? No. "But we aren't allowed in the bar with our daughter, and we would totally be in the bar if we didn't have her with us." "Sorry, but you have to be in the bar. It's so you buy a beer as well, but I know you are going to get a beer anyway." This was where he pissed us off. Really dude? You can't just ask your manager? We are regulars. I am the Rock Bottom Macaroni and Cheese connoisseur, and my husband knows these beers better than you!

At this point, I was pretty mad. We were the ONLY people in the restaurant area. The stupid state law doesn't allow us in the bar with a SIX month old! We just want happy hour prices so we can afford to buy diapers and baby food fixings! That's when I said, "I feel like we are being punished for having a baby!" He just said sorry again, and walked away. So frustrating.

I was this close to telling the manager just how I felt when our waiter came back (toward the end of our meal) and said he can give us the happy hour prices. Darn straight! Don't discriminate against those with precious little cargo just because the state law sucks. Give the sleep deprived parents a little break!



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