Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Me? Cloth diaper?

Today I heard that is going out of business, so everything is 40% off.  I figured this could be a good way to start cloth diapering.  I should first tell you that we tried gDiapers a couple months ago.  We like them, but the inserts are more money than disposables!  So, we stopped using them.  With this sale, hopefully we can get back into it.  Here's what I got:
  • Happy Heiny's Girl Starter Pack (includes 3 diapers)
  • 1 Happy Heiny's Diaper Cover
  • 2 Fuzzi Bunz
  • 2 Rump-a-rooz
  • 2 packs of Happy Heiny's oval inserts
The total came to about $140.  Hopefully we like, and use, all of these!  We also have two gDiapers.  I'm not expecting us to totally ditch disposables--I just want to help cut the cost of buying diapers.  Do you think this is a good start?  Any others I should get or look out for?



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