Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ever feel like an inferior mom?

Man, I have a bad case of the inferior mom blues today. I'm sure every mom feels inferior to other moms at some point, and frankly, it's sad we feel this way. But, sometimes we just can't help how we feel. I talked to my SIL last night who is 30 weeks pregnant, and I just got off the phone thinking everything I've done or do is wrong. Here's my list:
  1. She's planning a "natural, med free" birth at a birthing center, where pain killers aren't even an option. Hmm, I totally had pitocin, analgesics, and three doses of my epidural. Heck, I asked for pain meds before I could even get them! Bring it on! C's labor and delivery was rough. I will post more about that later, but after 25 hours of labor, I just wanted her out safe and sound--no matter what the method. For our next baby, I am totally considering a c-section after the experience (and recovery) I had. People probably judge me for this (her birthing center website has a video saying how c-sections are horrible and wrong), but I don't care. I still think I did the best I could with the labor and delivery I was given, but hearing other moms say they are going med free makes me feel like a wimp.
  2. She's planning on cloth diapering and wiping because she'd feel guilty about polluting the planet every time she'd change a disposable diaper. Well, I can't say those thoughts have never crossed my mind while changing a disposable, but I guess I'm selfish. The time and effort put into cloth diapering seems crazy. And the runny poop that I'd have to wash and rinse off? Blech! Cloth diapering seems to be a cool thing to do now, and I feel like I'm wrong for not following suite.
  3. She's going to be a stay at home mom. Ok, this is the one that kills me. (Hello?! Blog title, anyone?) Even though they really can't afford for her to stay home, she is. We can't really afford for me to stay home, so I work. I have the working mom guilt, and I'd give anything to stay home with my baby girl.
So there's the short list of why I feel inferior to my SIL. But hey, she's not even a mom yet!! All of this could change. You never know how labor and delivery will turn out, cloth diapering could turn out to be a pain in the but, and planning on staying home even though you barely have an income? Sounds good until you end up with no money.

I just need to keep reminding myself that I'm being the best mom I can be and that my baby girl is happy. Seriously, she's the happiest baby I've ever seen. We all have different situations and do things differently, but that doesn't mean our ways our wrong if they are different. I'm an awesome mom, and so are you!



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